Our commitments

To guarantee the freshness of our products, they are rolled by hand in our kitchen with fresh fish with each service because raw fish is an extremely delicate and fragile commodity that can deteriorate quickly during its conservation and storage. Our greatest pride is to be able to offer you the taste of Japan with respect for your health and comfort thanks to the safety of European hygiene standards. From our kitchen to your plate or at home, we do everything to make your meal a unique moment to savour. We select the best recipes and regularly develop new products in line with the latest food trends. All our ingredients are carefully selected to guarantee taste and freshness. The well-being and health of our customers being our priority, we pay particular attention to the quality and origin of all our ingredients with quality products. The company is committed to responsible fishing. You will not find an endangered species in our recipes. We have undertaken not to use bluefin tuna for example (the extinction of bluefin tuna is due to overfishing in the Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic…) Sushi Lauv is also committed to sustainable development. This commitment goes through:
  • Limiting the number of wastes by producing optimized quantities each day
  • The use of recyclable cardboard for our packaging
  • The maintenance of our points of sale with products 100% of vegetable and mineral origin
  • An emphasis on electronic advertising (e-mail, website) rather than paper communication