Why the name of Sushi Lauv?

On a summer evening at a birthday dinner, we were talking about the Japanese restaurants in Mulhouse and realized that most of these sushi restaurants were located in the city centre or in the business areas; the outskirt cities were left behind. That is why Sushi Lauv was created: in order to offer this delicious food outside these areas in a local shop, for delivery or takeaway.

About our name

“Lauv” is a play on words combining three elements of our history:

  • Sushi Lauv is a family business and our last name is “Lau”
  • the concept was born in an Alsatian city called Lauw (I swear!)
  • “Lauv” also represents our love and our passion for our job

To sum up, Lauv = Lau + Lauw + Lauv

About our logo

On the logo, 3 different elements can be seen: a heart-shaped slice of salmon to recall our name “Lauv”; a spot icon because we only offer sushi for delivery and takeaway and sesame seeds, a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine, whose layout represents unity, cohesion and teamwork.